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About Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited


Company Name

Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited (”Asia Allied infrastructure” or “AAI” or the “Group”) (stock code: 00711.HK) was founded in 1968, operating construction business initially. In 1993, the Company was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and its expanded scope of business covered construction, property development and investment, and security and property management.


After years of hard work and rapid development, the subsidiaries of Asia Allied Infrastructure, which operate construction, property development and investment and security and property management businesses are all well-recognized today in their respective field in Hong Kong. They together have around 5,000 employees. In recent years, while exerting in fortifying its business in Hong Kong, the Group has also been active in exploring development opportunities in different areas in mainland China and overseas markets. Adhering to its “Entering China, and Going Global” integrated business strategy, the Group has kept expanding its business in mainland China and overseas to help it  further business growth and boost profitability.

The Group's Business

Asia Allied Infrastructure adopts a business strategy that allows it to have a diversified business portfolio. It has been developing and expanding its businesses – construction engineering and management, project consultancy, property development, security and property management, tunnel management, construction finance, investment, safe deposit box services, construction material e-procurement, etc., in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas markets. And, to strengthen its capability to capture potential development opportunities that China’s “Belt and Road” initiatives will present, it has acquired a construction company and an engineering and architecture consultancy company in Macau and Singapore respectively. The move has also empowered the Group to generate greater synergies in Asia Pacific, poising it for capturing the enormous growth opportunities that will surface in China and overseas in the future.