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Chun Wo Construction Inheriting the Past and Building Our Future Together

Over the past five decades, Chun WoConstruction Holdings Company Limitedhas beenone of the leading contractors and committed to construction industry continuously. Sr. Stephen Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andy Yiu, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Ken Ko, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Chun Wo concluded the past experiences and believed that the attitude of evolution through innovation, professional approach towards products and service quality are the essential reasons that made Chun Wo a market leader in construction. 



(from left) Mr. Andy Yiu, Chief Operating Officer, Sr. Stephen Lee, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Ken Ko, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited.


Sr. Stephen Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Chun Wo highlighted that Chun Wo’s success is correlated with superb leadership skills, “Hardworking is the ubiquitous personality of both founders, Dr. Pang Kam Chun and heirs, Mr. Dominic Pang, Chairman of the Group and Ir Dr. Derrick Pang, JP, CEO and COO of the Group and they run business and do everything themselves which leverage their family businesses to a new level of development.” 



Mr. Andy Yiu, Chief Operating Officer of Chun Wo Construction added, “Our work attitude was influenced by our founder, Dr. Pang Kam Chun’sguidance in the past. As of now, we pursue Corporate Culture, Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Company - our company from top to bottom work with perseverance and pursue progress continuously.”  


With all the hard work and contributions by our team members, Chun Wo has completed projects that exceed the expectations of our clients and the public. Mr. Ken Ko, Deputy Chief Operating Officerof Chun Wo proud to say “Chun Wo has built numerous significant buildings and infrastructures for Hong Kong. Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme is one of the most successful projects in recent years. This project not only builds and shapes a better living environment but also garners numerous safety and environmental awards.” 



The construction industry is competitive and fast-changing, Chun Wo Construction, however, is confident in going from strength to strength and steering continuous market development.  Furthermore, Chun Wo will strictly adhere to the principles of safety and environmental protection in our work, so as to take a leap forward and enhance our brand image. In the future, we will continue to look for new development opportunities and pioneer new development frontiers, thereby create greater value for our clients.

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