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[WomenLeaders@CW “If I can do it, so can you” Interview Series] Part 2: Interview with Ms Eva Wong, Assistant Project Manager of Chun Wo Construction

As the construction industry enters the era of digitalization, Ms Eva Wong, Assistant Project Manager of Chun Wo Construction, shed light on her experience in using the innovative construction technologies, including BIM, 3D Scanning and AI robotics, to enhance the industry’s productivity and sustainability; she also mentioned that construction digitalization has provided an incentive for women who wish to attain professional qualifications or with weaker physical strength, to enter the industry.


Talking about the ever-growing women influence within the industry, she also underscored how this programme groom her and other female professionals, in strengthening her on-site execution ability, expanding her personal network with other female talents, and most importantly, changing peoples’ perception of this sector.


Apart from the above, her challenges and solutions on adapting to the new environment will bring the video to an end.


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