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A Video Guide to glimpse through the Chun Wo’s Concrete “Modular Integrated Construction” Systems

Playing an important role in enhancing the overall construction efficiency and fostering the transformation of the industry through innovation and technology in these years, “Modular Integrated Construction” Systems (“MiC”) has been widely adopted in the course of building construction and the industry innovative development. Applicable to the Concrete "Modular Integrated Construction" Systems ("Concrete MiC"), the ”wall connection technology,” jointly developed by Asia Allied Infrastructure's subsidiary Chun Wo Construction Holdings ("Chun Wo") and the Palmar & Turner (“P&T”) Group, also obtained the pertinent patent, following the receipt of the "In-principle Acceptance" on both the Concrete MiC construction method and technology by the Buildings Department. This serves as a milestone for Chun Wo to be the first Hong Kong construction company to apply this method in the design and construction of buildings up to 40 storey high.


The "Concrete MiC" Construction Systems demonstrates its significance in those projects with concrete as the building material, apart from excelling in the durability of the building structure and insulating against sound and heat, the support of the patented "wall connection technology" also leads to an increase in saleable area and the flexibility of the building design. Meanwhile, the simplified repairing and maintenance process on those buildings could meet the market demand in public and private housing.


To provide a comprehensive view of this construction method and technology, the video below will walk us through the journey with detailed explanation, from outlining the connection method to showcasing how they bring in convenience to the industry, whilst facilitating its technological advancement, thereby contributing to the development in turning the city into a smart and livable one.


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