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Digital Simulation Video of the Building Process Using “Wall Connection Technology” and the Simulated Completion of a Residential Building Using Concrete “Modular Integrated Construction” Systems

To tie in with the development trend of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), a major trend in the construction industry, Chun Wo Construction Holdings, the subsidiaries of Asia Allied Infrastructure has earlier partnered with the P&T Group to develop an innovative ”wall connection technology” that is applicable to Concrete “Modular Integrated Construction” Systems (“Concrete MiC”). 


This technology and the entire Concrete MiC solution have received “In-principle Acceptance” from the Buildings Department, meaning that they can be applied to both public and private building projects in Hong Kong. The “wall connection technology” of Concrete MiC has also obtained the pertinent patent, making Chun Wo the first Hong Kong construction company to use this method in the design and construction of buildings up to 40-storey high.


Let’s watch the digital simulation video below to learn more about the building process by using our connection system and the simulated completion of a residential building by using concrete MiC method:



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