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Rapid Repairing Mortar Materials Enhances Efficiency of Repairing Old Buildings with Low Cost


Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Asia Allied Infrastructure, attaches great importance to innovation and the use of technology. It established Inno@ChunWo in 2016 to promote the development of innovation and technology and has been active in collaborating with different universities and technology research companies in the development of new technologies for construction.


Its hard work has been rewarded with the successful development of Rapid Repairing Mortar Materials (R2M2), which is a joint-effort of Inno@ChunWo, HKUST, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI)., to enhance the maintenance efficiency of aging buildings.


R2M2 is also one of the research projects supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund. It is a newly invented construction material used to recover the lost load-carrying capacity of corroded rebars by simply patching alone. In contrast to the conventional method, R2M2 is good news to the property owners and workers since it can greatly simplify the repairing procedures, shortens the repair time and generates less waste, noise and dust nuisance.


Watch the video to learn more about the ways and benefits of using R2M2 !

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