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[WomenLeaders@CW “If I can do it, so can you” Interview Series] Part 1: Interview with Ms Kiki Wu, Management Trainee of Chun Wo

With the aim to bring a different perspective on women working in the construction industry, the Group's construction business, Chun Wo Construction, has launched a 3-ep “If I can do it, so can you” interview series by inviting the members from the “WomenLeaders@CW” programme with diverse job tenures to share their work experiences and respective views on the industry prospects.


In our first episode, besides walking us through her current dream-chasing journey to become a project manager through the training programme, Ms Kiki Wu, Management Trainee of Chun Wo Construction pointed out her original intention to be part of the industry and the hardships that she has undergone.


Along with the escalating women’s influence in the construction industry, Chun Wo has launched the “WomenLeaders@CW,” in September 2020, a two-year training programme to promote the enhancement of women’s leadership and profession in the industry, as well as to attract new blood.


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