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Group Business

Chun Wo Bus Services Limited (“Chun Wo Bus”) was established in 2018 and is a subsidiary of Asia Allied Infrastructure (Stock code 00711.HK).


The business of Chun Wo Bus was formerly operated by Yat Fung Motor Bus Co., Ltd. (“Yat Fung”) and Gainway Industries Limited. (“Gainway”), which were non-franchised bus operators with more than 20 years of experience. In 2018, Asia Allied Infrastructure, Yat Fung and Gainway jointly established Chun Wo Bus. Therefore, Chun Wo Bus is a young and energetic company, yet with an experienced management team. 


Chun Wo Bus's mission is to provide safe, comfortable and reliable non-franchised buses services to the public. Every driver has many years of experience in driving a coach. With expertise and sincerity, Chun Wo Bus provides quality service to all customers based on the principles of safety, considerateness, punctuality, and competitive pricing.


Chun Wo Bus is mainly engaged in the operation of local bus routes. It has a fleet of nearly 100 buses and offers a variety of non-franchised bus rental services, including school bus, residents’ bus, shuttle bus, venue shuttle service and wedding transfers, etc.

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