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Group Business

Tunnel Management

Supported by the extensive experience in construction and property management of Asia Allied Infrastructure member Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited (“Chun Wo”), City Services Group, a subsidiary of Chun Wo Development, won the management, operation and maintenance contracts of  the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, the Shing Mun Tunnels, the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, the Kai Tak Tunnel and the Lion Rock Tunnel. The achievement represents an affirmation of Chun Wo’s management service capabilities and also marked Chun Wo’s first milestone in its advance into tunnel management business.


High-end Safe Deposit Box Services

The upscale safe deposit box business of the Group is operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary Royal England Safe Deposit Box Limited (“Royal England”). Royal England is committed to providing a distinguished safe deposit box service with a high degree of privacy and security.


Construction Material E-procurement

Mattex Asia Development Limited provides online construction materials purchasing and management services. Its development of the first one-stop construction material procurement and management platform in the industry – eMAT helps clients saving construction material related costs.

Construction Finance

As construction projects often involve investment or working capital, the Group grasped the opportunity to develop a loan business through its subsidiaries Asia One Credit Limited to meet the requirement for construction expenditure and also the spending need of subcontractors.


Maintenance and Minor Works

Amain Engineering Development Limited (“Amain”), a subsidiary of the Group, possesses extensive experience in civil engineering maintenance, waterworks and minor works. The Amain team is formed by the maintenance team of Chun Wo, which is the core member of the Group. Amain is committed to helping enhance the image of the city and build a safe community. With its excellent skills, the team the team has been awarded a number of maintenance projects under the Hospital Authority, the Water Supplies Department, the Architectural Services Department and the Education Bureau, and so on.



The Group's education business is operated by See Change Education. Set up in 2020, See Change Education focuses on providing education through Courses & Programs, School, Community-Building and Schools.  See Change is a “learning organization”, constantly studying transformative learning methodologies, applying global best practices, assessing impact, and adapting techniques to optimize learning experiences for our learners.


Overseas Construction

Other than local construction business, Asia Allied Infrastructure is also committed to explore overseas markets. ECO Group Holdings Sdn. Bhd.(“ECO Group”), our subsidiary located in Malaysia is a renowned company that provides a diversified range of services including interior design fitting-outs, construction, manufacturing, construction materials supply, and marketing. Led by a professional management team and backed with years of construction experience in major projects in Malaysia and the countries nearby, ECO Group will help establishing the Group’s presence in the Malaysian market and accelerating the development in the regions along the “Belt and Road”.


Medical Technology & Healthcare

The Group’s subsidiary, Hong Kong Cyclotron Laboratories Limited  (“HKCL”) was established in 2006. HKCL is a radio-pharmaceutical manufacturer that specializes in Positron Emission Tomography (“PET”) drugs such as Fluorodeoxyglucose (“FDG”). HKCL is an exclusive supplier of FDG to the Hong Kong SAR Government and major hospitals in Hong Kong, as well as one of the largest local PET drugs manufacturers providing PET drugs to hospitals, clinics, and imaging centres.


Renewable Energy

Asia Allied Infrastructure is also expanding its business in renewable energy with its subsidiary, Century Elite Technology Limited  (“Century Elite”). Established in 2002, Century Elite is an expert in solar energy systems and is devoted in developing renewable energy systems. Century Elite is also an approved contractor of Hong Kong International Airport, China Light and Power Co. Ltd, and Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd, for providing various electrical & mechanical engineering (“E&M”) services. Century Elite has been developing its business of solar energy systems for years. With their profound experience in engineering, it has become one of the leading service providers offering a total solution from installation to maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Panel System, involving various sites including but not limited to village houses, MTR stations, and public rental housings. In addition, Century Elite also involves in the business of electric vehicle charging station engineering and smart grid engineering.


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