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Group Business

Asia Allied Infrastructure started its property development business in the ’90s. The subsidiary Chun Wo Property Development Holdings Limited, was established to focus on property development and investment business. “The Grand View Garden” on Hammer Hill Road, was the first Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) project of the Group undertaken in 1997. And subsequently, it took on other projects including the iconic single residential building “No.8 Clear Water Bay Road” in Kowloon East and “Grandeur Terrance” in Tin Shui Wai, one of the largest Private Sector Participation Scheme projects in Hong Kong.


In the same period, the Group focused on property markets in mainland China and overseas. In pursued residential projects in high potential second-tier cities including Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province, Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province, Shantou in Guangzhou, as well as emerging markets in Asia. Today, the Group has property development projects all over Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates, etc.


The Group focuses on the Hong Kong property market in recent years. Armed with considerable construction industry resources and extensive technical expertise and project management experience, the Group adopts a “One-Stop Project Development Strategy” which enables it to effectively control the development cycle of a project and construction costs that it may increase profitability. It aims to lay down new milestones for its property development business in Hong Kong. Looking forward, the Group will continue to actively seek relevant development opportunities in Hong Kong, China, and overseas markets. It is committed to developing into a prestigious contractor and property developer in Asia and continually enhancing its revenue and profitability.